Review: SWEET


Title: Sweet

Author: Alysia Constantine

Artist: C.B. Messer

Publisher: Interlude Press

Release date: 2/4/2016

Rating: 4.25 stars

Warnings: None?


Not every love story is a romance novel.
For Jules Burns, a lonely baker, it is the memory of his deceased husband, Andy. For Teddy Flores, a numbed-to-the-world accountant who accidentally stumbles into his bakery, it is a voyage of discovery into his deep connections to pleasure, to the world, and to his own heart.


Oh my gosh, this book is DELICIOUS. I want to wrap myself in a pastry of its delicate, detailed prose and roll around in a bowl of its soft, sexy…everything…for dessert.

Jules is witty and brave inside the shell of his grief, and Teddy has been repressed for so long he almost doesn’t know how to interact with folks outside of his safety bubble at first. Their road to friendship (and later, love) is as slow and sweet as molasses in summer, saved from being tedious by Ms. Constantine’s clever writing and somewhat unusual narrator’s voice. I was also pleased with the book’s diversity – there are basically only four characters, and all of them are queer, while at least two are of color.

The only spot of uncertainty for me was in the shift from magic realism to…let’s just say a different style…with about 150 pages left in the book. In my opinion, the plot twist involving Andy came a little out of nowhere, especially so late in the story, and I would have liked to have seen less of that and more of Teddy and Jules. It’s a minor issue though overall and shouldn’t prevent anyone from enjoying this read!


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*Originally reviewed for Prism Book Alliance.*


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