#AVAReadathon wrap-up!


Hey friends!

So, for the past month, I’ve been participating in Bookshelves & PaperbacksA Very Arc-ish Readathon.

It was a really chill challenge meant to help us clean out our backlog of ARCs, and although I didn’t quite get my NetGalley feedback ratio to the suggested 80%, I did raise it a little by focusing on the oldest titles in my queue. Proper reviews are coming, but here’s a quick rundown of what I attempted in April:

IN THE HOPE OF MEMORIES by Olivia Rivers – Beautiful cover, sadly DNF

NOTEWORTHY by Riley Redgate – 4.5 stars 🙂

TRUE COLORS by Anyta Sunday – 3.5 stars


WE THREE KINGS by A.F. Henley – 4 stars

BLOOD ROSE REBELLION by Rosalyn Eves – Still deciding on a rating. 3.75ish stars?

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…by Anne Tenino/E.J. Russell – 4 stars

I feel pretty good about crossing 7 books off my list, even if as a group they maybe weren’t as enjoyable as I hoped. Eager to see what everybody else read and liked, too! Thanks to Aimal for hosting an easy and fun event 🙂


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