Blog tour: The Art of Three

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The Art of Three by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae is easily – EASILY – the best book I’ve read so far in 2017, and I’m so pleased to be hosting a stop on its virtual tour. Thanks to both authors and to Silver Dagger Scriptorium for including my tiny little baby of a blog!

aot- about the book

Jamie Conway has a charmed life. At 24, he’s relocated from Dublin to London to star in his first feature film. Unfortunately, he also has one very big problem: He has a huge crush on his happily married costar.

British heartthrob to middle-aged women everywhere, Callum Griffith-Davies should have more sense than to flirt with his new-to-the-business colleague, but good judgement isn’t one of the qualities for which he’s known.

Nerea Espinosa de Los Monteros Nessim has better things to do than fret about her husband’s newest conquest. She’s busy planning her daughter’s wedding at the family’s farmhouse in rural Spain. Besides, she and Callum have been married and polyamorous for almost 30 years; she’s content to let him make his own bad choices.

But when Nerea flies to London after her artwork is selected for a high-profile museum show, she falls for Jamie too. Soon Callum, Jamie, and Nerea have bigger problems, and surprises, than international logistics. From ex-lovers and nosy neighbors to adult children with dramas of their own, The Art of Three is a contemporary romance that celebrates families, and farce, in all shapes and sizes.

-*-*-*Sadie’s Review*-*-*-

Release date: 3/28/2017

Rating: 5 stars!

Warnings: None?


Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmyGOSH. You guys. I very stereotypically cannot even.

This is a stunningly nuanced, seriously romantic, and altogether impressively-written novel, and I would honestly rather read it repeatedly than risk my literary happiness on some of the books that cross my social media feeds on a daily basis.

I mean…this thing has 3 equal MCs! Two of whom are bisexual, and one of whom is a Spanish woman, and they’re all from different countries! And one is a silver fox! And there are grown children and disabled siblings and and AND the single most realistic, responsible portrayal of polyamory that I’ve ever personally seen in fiction! Please give me a sixth star so I can give it to this book.

Purchase (TRUST ME):


Barnes & Noble

Book Depository

aot- authorS

Racheline Maltese can fly a plane, sail a boat, and ride a horse, but has no idea how to drive a car; she’s based in Brooklyn. Erin McRae has a graduate degree in international affairs for which she focused on the role of social media in the Arab Spring; she’s based in Washington DC. Together, they write romance about fame and public life. Like everyone in the 21st century, they met on the Internet.

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