An interview with Rhys from REND!

It’s a special day here at SFS, folks – and that’s because we have our first ever visit from a book’s MC. We’re so pleased to bring you a few questions with Rhys Nyland, the Nordic sweetheart from Roan Parrish’s wonderful/heartbreaking Riven sequel, Rend.


Special thanks to A Novel Take PR, Annie’s team at From Top To Bottom Reviews (where you can find an equally awesome feature on Rhys’ husband Matt), and of course Roan herself for making this post possible.


What are three things you admire about your husband?

Matty’s amazing. I admire everything about him. He’s the strongest person I know. He lived through things that could have broken him and instead he’s an incredibly sweet, giving person who works to try and help people who went through similar things. He’s a wonderful listener and he asks questions if he doesn’t understand instead of making assumptions. He might now always agree with me, but he always hears me out. How many is that? Well, however many it is, also he’s the greatest kisser in the history of kissing. Like, for real, you’ve never had a better kiss. Also, don’t go getting any ideas. Hands and lips off my husband. *winks*

What is one habit Matt has that irritates you?

He dismisses his feelings because he thinks they don’t matter.

What’s your favorite (g-rated) activity to do as a couple?

I love taking a walk with him every night. It’s like we can reconnect after being apart for the day, get back into the rhythm of being together. I love hearing about Matt’s work and his clients. Uh, I mean, not in a confidentiality-breaking way, of course! And sometimes when we’re walking he takes me hand and then he never lets go, for the whole walk. Even if he needs to, like, twist awkwardly to use his other hand, he still never lets mine go. I love that. Fuck, I love him so damn much.

What is something we would be surprised to learn about you?

I hate pudding. No, seriously, this is significant because I am not a picky eater. I even eat Matty’s cooking, so. But pudding, man! It’s like … is that food? Is it snot? Is it alive? I don’t even know!

How has your relationship/marriage influenced the songs you write?

Every song is about Matt now, even when it’s not. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like, he’s … there. In me. Present all the time. And so when I write he’s just … yeah, there.

(Rapid-fire, one word answers please!)…

You go out together with a group of friends, who is the one *not* offering to pay the bill?

Haha, Caleb.

Holiday movies, yes or no?


Something that relaxes you?



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