Hi, I’m Sadie, and this is my book blog!

I’m a neuro-divergent, queer cis woman in my 30s. I have an awesome feminist husband and a little girl who is in second grade.

I primarily read LGBTQ+ and YA novels, but you’ll also see a fair bit of SFF, mystery, NA, literary fiction, memoirs and whatever else might catch my eye.

I am a staunch activist for social justice, and I strive for that to be reflected in my reviews. I don’t tolerate -phobias, -isms or -ists, and I would like for my blog to be a sex-positive, body-positive safe space that is free of slut shaming, kink shaming, negativity towards sex work, et cetera.

If at any time you have a question, concern, or criticism for one of my posts, please do e-mail me using the contact tab on the main page. I will do my best to respond swiftly and appropriately.